In Person Consultation

Create an individualized plan that is suitable to your lifestyle and body based on your body’s pH level, body fat, muscle mass, lifestyle & health conditions. We’ll help you to get healthier and feel great.

Phone Consultation

We know that it may be difficult to travel at times, so we have the option to help you achieve your goal and feel great over by phone and remote consultation.

Family Consultation

We specialize in working with picky eaters, over eaters, and weight loss for families. Our Family Consultation is geared to clean your pantry and help your family start eating healthier.


We offer Allergy & Sensitivity testing, Hormone testing, Neuro imbalance testing, Gut health ( Candida, parasites, bacterial imbalance)
Our center treats patients with all types of concerns including but not limited to: Eating disorder, anxiety, ADHD, sports nutrition, gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, autoimmune disease, pre & post nutrition needs for bariatric surgery prenatal, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hormone imbalance, and metabolic disorder.


What to expect on your initial visit:

office settingSahar Berjis, R.D. will review your medical history, any current lab data, establish a baseline weight, diet history and address any concerns. The initial session lasts about an hour and includes Neuroscience testing. Prior to your visit please ensure you have downloaded, completed and brought your forms.

Initial Visit $120

Follow Up $90

Weight Loss Program  $150
Includes session, plan, and portion container, recipes, body fat analysis, water weight analysis and if necessary Neuroscience testing within each session for no additional cost.

Sahar is an expert in assessing poor and dysfunctional eating habits, and quickly implement a system to create a healthier lifestyle without causing deprivation. Learn more about Sahar.

Using some of your favorite foods, she can design a food plan that is customized for you, providing you with high flavor and be very satisfying portions.

After this session you will walk away with a simple and easy meal plan that incorporates your favorite foods, customized to your palette.

After the Initial session you are recommended to take a Follow-up Session to further enhance your knowledge about healthy eating habits, to modify plans, additional recommendations, it’s vital to come to a follow up session to determine the results from your tests and ensure the plan is correct for their continued health or weight loss. To determine probiotics or acid pills determine correct treatment.

We can help restore your health!


We are proud to offer high-quality clinical grade supplements by high grade manufacturing facilities.  We work closely with you  to assure a solid understanding of the recommendations we provide.
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